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Foods That Prevent Wrinkles

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Written by Women's Lifestyle Journal

different foods on a tableAre you scrutinizing over the dull and dry skin that has now drawn fine lines and wrinkles all over the forehead and beneath the eyes? If yes, just remember that you are not alone.

Studies have indicated that women between the ages of 25 and 65 have been affected greatly by wrinkles, acne and a dry skin. When interviewed, most of these would love to have a younger facial appearance and not necessarily a younger body. With a range of cosmetic products and procedures in the market today, you might as well be lured into the variety, especially due to the eye-catching adverts that promise a tight, flawless and radiant skin.

However, it is time to realize that nutrition is the most important part of your skin. This is why this article highlights the following super foods which have been found effective in dealing with wrinkles and therefore giving you a radiant and flawless skin.


Tomatoes are basically consumed as a salad topping by most people. They have Vitamin C as the major ingredient, something that is very essential in building collagen. Tomatoes are also endowed with lycopene, an ingredient that protects the skin against UV rays. These two ingredients put together, will give you a firmer and plumper skin free of wrinkles.

Omega fatty acids

One of the ways though which you can hydrate the skin and therefore prevent drying is by consuming plenty of omega fatty acids. Precisely, omeg-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, which are mostly derived from healthy fats and oils, contribute to plumping up of the skin cell walls. This is the first step towards preventing wrinkles. Omega fatty acids are found in oily fish as mackerel and salmon, flaxseeds, walnuts, coconut oil and olive oil, all of which you are required to take regularly.

Leafy green vegetables

This group contains foods such as kales, spinach and broccoli. They are full of nutrients which keep the skin hydrated and therefore free of wrinkles. Where possible, juicing these vegetables is greatly recommended because it allows quicker absorption of the ingredients and therefore yields the expected results faster. Vegetables are awfully similar to liquid multi-vitamins with plenty of antioxidants, which are highly effective in preventing free radical damage that has been associated with wrinkles and therefore aging.


nutsNuts are widely recognized as sources of good fat. Some nuts such as almonds have proven rich in Vitamin E while the rest carry a good amount of omega-3s and anti-inflammatory properties. Besides preventing the occurrence of wrinkles, therefore, nuts also provide relief from conditions such as acne. Rather than grabbing a plate of chips, a handful of nuts will suffice and at the same time leave you feeling and looking younger.

Green tea

Cell regeneration must take place in order for the skin to look young for as long as you want it to. On the other hand, cell mutation has been identified as one of the reasons why the skin grows wrinkles and pigmentation. Green tea comes handy with plenty of antioxidants and a chemical called EGCG, which promotes healthy cell regeneration and prevents the occurrence of wrinkles.


Yogurt is one of the foods that have been found to carry a good amount of probiotics. This is why it is said to reduce redness and skin irritation. Probiotics are skin-friendly bacteria, which nourish it internally and externally, a result of which is a flawless skin. When taken alongside Kefir (a cultured milk product which resembles yogurt), you will obviously overcome wrinkles and other skin problems such as acne, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.


avocadoSimilar to fish and fats, avocado is another incredible source of good fats. Besides, it considered superior because of an ingredient called glutathione. This element is an anti-aging compound, which has for a long time been used for detoxing. As an anti-aging compound, it obviously protects one from wrinkles and acne, conditions which mostly come with age.

In summary, nutrition has a significant effect on the human skin. What you consume directly translates to the manner in which you look. Whereas there are several skin care tips such as moisturization and massaging, it is important to note the role that some foods play in keeping your skin radiant and flawless.

With such a comprehensive list, you have all it takes from a food perspective to deal with wrinkles and other signs of aging.

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