Are You Wondering How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy?

Some people may consider the ability of losing weight quickly to be a complete myth or unattainable goal.

You might search for hours and hours on end seeking to find the answer for: “how to lose weight fast and easy?” or “how to get rid of love handles fast,” but are still left wondering if it’s really possible as you fail to find an answer that actually works.

The internet provides millions of tips and tricks that seem like they might be what you’ve been looking for but when you attempt them and yet still don’t lose weight it’s back to square one.

Frustrated you keep on looking but usually end up at the same dead end…

So let’s take a realistic yet effective look at how you can achieve a trim body with the least amount of time from someone who’s actually done it.

Begin by Making a Diet PlanBelly

You need to first plan a proper routine for weight loss, if you want to see results. Creating your own diet plan is the first easy step.

A diet plan provides a road map to shed those extra pounds in a calculated way.

Follow these steps to begin losing weight and stay motivated to continue:

– Begin with writing the amount of weight you are intending to lose.
– Jot down what you plan to eat for every week in detail.
– Cut out the unhealthy carbs from your diet to eat healthier.
– Be sure to make a plan for one week ahead of time.
– Keep an inventory of what food you have available.
– These steps are the beginning of your weight loss journey…

ExcerciseBuild a Regular Exercise Routine

Your body can make use of getting adequate exercise to lose weight and to maintain the weight loss. However, don’t believe all the exercise myths out there.

Following are some of those myths:

A: You must go to the gym to lose weight.

B: Even when you exercise a lot it will take a long time to lose that weight.

C: If you want to lose weight fast you need a trainer to guide you.

These are no more than myths.

One common idea is that you can spot reduce, for instance exercise a certain area to lose fat in the same area.
Savvy fitness enthusiasts will usually say this is a myth but recent study suggests it might actually be true, something to think about.

Is Exercise Even Really Necessary Though?

Another recent study shows that people who did basic cardio in the gym didn’t lose any more weight than those who didn’t.

The reason for this is that when people jog or engage in other types of cardio they usually ‘reward’ themsevles with a treat.

It doesn’t take much to offset the calories burned during the workout, just 200 calories or so as this is usually all people burn during a typcial 30-45 minute workout session.

A single apple is around 90 calories, add in a soft drink or other small snack and you’ve just erased all that work you did.

Now this isn’t to say that exercising won’t help, it certainly will. The key is that you don’t allow yourself to eat extra calories because you ‘earned’ it.

Goals that are RealisticFriends

Third, make sure that the goals you set are both realistic and attainable. You will lose your motivation and want to give up if you find you have not met a goal when it is time to evaluate your progress.

No matter how much time you spend exercising or dieting, it is not possible to lose twenty pounds in a couple of days, especially safely.

How Much Can You Safely Lose?

Losing two to three pounds in a week is an attainable goal and considered both safe and healthy.

If you regularly exercise at the right pace and length of time you may even push that number to three to four pounds a week.

You may want to lose 10 pounds fast quickly, but give yourself a few weeks to do so if you want to keep the pounds off.

Attempting to lose more than that amount will put unneeded stress on your body. Your body functions as a machine, and if it is pushed too far it will wear out and start to resist the change by slowing your metabolism down.

VeggiesEat Vegetables and Fruit

Keeping track of what you eat is the most important step of any weight loss routine. You should always have lots of fruit and vegetables in the fridge. Add fruits and vegetables to every meal you eat.

Fruits keep you fit and boost your metabolism, enabling your body to burn more calories.

They also carry very few calories yet still fill you up, which is a key to managing your hunger.

Eat Smaller Meals

Three full meals in one day is actually too much for the stomach to properly handle, so instead of having three large meals you need to eat four to five small size meals a day.

Eating multiple small meals keeps up your nutrition levels and boosts your body’s metabolism in a healthy way.

This enables you to burn more calories which is the primary part of losing weight quickly.

It also keeps you from getting so hungry that you over compensate and gorge yourself on too much food.

Don’t Let Your Stomach Fool YouFoods

Your stomach has a delay in how it signals that you are full, so in this case it would be easy to eat more than you actually need.

Eating smaller meals helps keep your appetite more consistent.

Always keep in mind that regardless of what your goal weight is the pounds have to be lost in a steady and gradual manner. There is no magic trick that will make your pounds disappear, never to return.

You need to stay motivated and constantly keep a watchful eye on the food you are putting into your body.

What Other Kinds Of Foods Can You Eat?

There’s a lot said about carbs and fat these days, not all of which is true. There is nothing really inherent about carbs or fats that make you fat.

The problem with them is they contain a lot of calories for their mass and don’t always keep you full, so you end up eating more.

That’s why lean protein is a great choice, keeps you full without many calories.

An 8oz sirloin steak is only about 280 calories, add in some veggies and you have a healthy meal that will keep you satisfied.

For more information on what foods not to eat, even though you might think they are ok, is my post on the most fattening foods.

Green DrinkCut Out Soft Drinks And Juices

One of the easiest ways to cut calories is to give up sodas and even fruit juices as these contain a lot of extra calories that add up over the course of the day. 3 or 4 drinks a day is enough to put on a pound a week of fat if you’re not careful.

Calorie Calculation For Weight Loss

Ok so armed with all these tips you now need to set a goal as shown in step one. Some people don’t like to count calories but if you want to have the best chance of success then you really need to.

Don’t worry though, you generally only need to do this for a couple of weeks. Once you get a good idea of how much each type of food you eat counts calorie-wise then you’ll be able to estimate it later on.

It helps to eat the same types of food but if you veer off course a few times now and then don’t worry, it’s more about consistency over time, a few cheats now and then are fine.

In fact most dieters have a cheat day or even just a cheat meal once a week. This helps you mentally to stay on track and gives you a break so you can stick to eating healthier long term.

Formula To Calculate CaloriesEat Burger

On average it takes about 3500 calories to gain or lose fat.

So simply take how many pounds you want to lose a week and divide into 3500. For instance if you wanted to lose 2 pounds a week:

3 pounds = 7000 calories

Now take that an divide by 7 days and we get:

1000 calories per day

Depending on how much you eat already this might be difficult to do but it’s possible. If you did an hour of heavy cardio (500 calories) and ate around 500 calories less you’d accomplish this.

You could try eating less and not have to do as much cardio, this might be better for those with tight schedules that don’t allow much time to exercise.

As you can see this is going to take some work. The only other option is to boost your metabolism so that you just naturally burn off more calories, even without exercising.

Weight Loss PillsNatural-Ingredient Weight Loss Pills

Naturally created weight loss pills can be very helpful in getting results quicker than just regular dieting and exercise alone.

They need to be taken sensibly and careful and of course choose the right one. Consult your doctor to select a natural diet supplement that would work best for you.

These are the best and most effective way to lose weight. Keep a healthy diet, exercise regularly and eat lots of fruits and vegetables to lose weight fast and safe. Follow the above tips to and you will get that answer to how to lose weight fast and easy.

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